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This wiki is all about gameing expirences i've had and sharing them with you. The games i will be talking about are my personal favorites. The games will averige from top to bottom in my order. The games featched will be all the call of duties, boarder lands rune scape and halo 1, halo 2, halo 3, halo odest 3 and many more. Well all the games im talking about are manly for Xbox 360, PS3 or PC. All the latest games will been shown and all other cool stuff like that. All you need to know about the top games in your eyes. Come on guys i won't bite at all! Or will I?

Call of Duty Moden Warfare 2Edit

Call of duty is my favorite seres of games because th graphics are so good and all the wepons and items are so good. It fells like your wright there and if you ever get the chance play it on a 52 inch LCD tv it's the bomb! My favorite wepon is the MXL with its rapered fire. Also I love the good old throughing knifes but there distence is a worry. Call of Duty moden warfar 2 is a awsome game because of all the unfogetable levels.My 2 favorite levels would be the one when your on the bridge or the one where your in a half desert half city thing. I love the game and i love all the call of dutys but i still think that boarder lands is the best game ever. Over all i give it about an 8 but with its amazing graphics i'm going to have to give it a 8 and a half. The only game that comes to mind that it's like is conflicked desert storm which i give a 7 out of 10 to. I think the creators made an extremly good game but its more suited for teen agers the kids. Call of Duty world at war is completly different to moden warfare by a long shot. Call of duty is really good and exsiting at the start but once you've finished it a few times it can get quite boaring but it isn't boaring yet for me. From my expirence i belive it is a first person shooting game. I can not belive that it came out on the 11 of feb 2009 and it is still one of the top games. Since than it has sold 14,000,000 copys world wide. There are 44 diferant guns to shot with and are 14 wepon atachments. they even made monster enegy drinks with it. they sold 4.7 million copies in the first 24 hours world wide.

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